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Our next village event will be Family Service on 1st September 2019 at 10:30 AM in St Paul's Church

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The fruit on the mazzards on the Millennium Green is very plentiful this year, possibly as a result of the profusion of blossom in April, and is now ripening. The fruit is very tasty!

Charles Waldron 6th July 2019

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A colourful display of vintage tractors including Massey Fergusons, Internationals and Fordsons attracted the attention of many visitors to the Landkey Show on 27th July 2019. Here, Ella and Christian Delacour are pictured in front of their Nuffield which dates, probably, from the 1950s. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 27th July 2019.
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Comments from Landkey residents on matters of relevance to the village are shown here. If you have a matter that you would like to comment on, please feel free to submit it on the "Your Point of View" page.

From Michelle Hunt on 4th July 2018:

Hi. I just wanted to enquire as to whether there is anything that can be done about the speeding traffic that is a frequent occurrence on the main road and some of the smaller roads too.

I take my children out for a walk around the village daily and it is become less and less enjoyable due to the speed that people drive around here. 

I wondered,if I organised a petition to get some speed bumps or camera set up to send to Devon county council do you think this would have any effect or has it already been requested before with now success.

its such a shame our peaceful village is becoming a racetrack, I would love to have a peaceful walk without having to pull my kids in every few minutes in fear of the cars being out of control and so close to us on the pavements.

many thanks for your time, I look forward to your views on this 



Richard Prowse (Parish Councillor) sent this reply on 4th July 2018:
Thank you for raising this - I know it is something everyone is concerned about. The Parish Council has asked DCC Highways to mend the speed sign at the top of Blakeshill Road and has also asked for another at the Newlands end of the village. We were told that there is no budget for this, and DCC do not seem to be concerned. They have agreed to join us in requesting another police speed check in the village so we hope that may happen soon. However, last time they did this (admittedly, a couple of years ago) the police reported that very few vehicles were actually speeding. 30 MPH however feels fast in the tighter corners of Landkey! Many thanks for raising this - I will raise it again at this evening's Parish Council (Wednesday 4th)
From Jon Williams on 5th January 2018:

It is lovely to see that as part of the new development children of Landkey will have a new Basket Ball court. However as a parent I would be interested to know, is the Parish Council in a position to look into the fact that walking from Landkey to Newport has no pathway and is not light up or does not have a cycle lane.

The school Bus to Park School stopped a while ago now as the council deem it safe for our children to walk to school.

During the winter time especially I do not know of any parent that thinks this route is safe.

This would be a real benefit to our village and to the safety of our children, my fear is that it will only get addressed after a fatality.


Richard Prowse (Parish Councillor) sent this reply on 5th January 2018:
Yes the hard surface play area will be great for older children. You are quite right to draw attention to the lack of a safe route into town. The Parish Council supported the parents who appealed to the County Council when the school bus was withdrawn and made their own submission. Sadly, the DCC councillors felt that Venn Road was a safe route to Park School! The development at Portmore includes a cycle/walkway but that still leaves quite a long section into Landkey itself. The Parish Council is on record several times calling for the Highway Authority to complete the route - perhaps along the border of the golf park - towards the village. We will keep making this case.
From Charles Waldron on 4th January 2018:

On behalf of St Paul's Church, I would like to thank all who came along to the services and events which took place in the church over Christmas. It was pleasing to find the church full, or nearly so, for the Nativity play on 17th December, for Carols by Candlelight on 21st December and for Christingle on Christmas Eve. Ten local organisations entered trees in the Christmas Tree Festival which ran from 15th-17th December. Visitors were able to vote for their favourite tree and Landkey Primary School's tree was found to be the winner.

As always, all are welcome to come to regular services and events at St Paul's.

From Charles Waldron on 29th November 2017:

Christmas services and events

Landkey residents might like to know that we at St Paul's Church have organised a range of services and events to celebrate Christmas.

We extend an invitation to local people as well as any visitors spending time in this area to join us on these occasions.

Details of all of these events can be found on our Events Calendar (under Village Events) but, as a foretaste, this is what has been arranged:

  • 15th-17th December - Christmas Tree Festival
  • 16th December - Christmas Fayre
  • 17th December - Nativity play, with a real donkey!
  • 21st December - Carols by Candlelight
  • 24th December - 3 services: Morning service, Christingle and Christmas Communion.
From Michael Gee on 30th October 2017:

Local residents might like to know that an evening of carol singing has been organised to be held at Landkey Primary School on Friday 26th November 2017 at 7:30 pm.

Carol singing in Landkey was once a regular feature of Landkey village life but has fallen out of fashion in recent times. Led by Wren Music, this event aims to re-introduce this traditional seasonal activity and all from our local communities, including Swimbridge and Newport as well as Landkey, are welcome to come along and enjoy this festive occasion.

A poster for the occasion can be viewed on this link:

Landkey Sings!